Sponsorship Opportunities


Sponsorships keep the arts (and us) going! Supporting dance, dancers and dance initiatives going on in our city will help to keep them moving, thriving, and available for all to enjoy. 

By sponsoring the Indy Dance Council, you enable our mission to improve communication, collaboration, health, and visibility surrounding the dance scene. There are so many different kinds of dance in our city available to watch, try, and participate in. 

We support these dance artists, teachers, and groups by helping to get them to get the word out about news & events in our community. We connect them to the many resources that keep them moving and grooving. Your business can be a part of that!

A healthy arts ecosystem is essential to attract new business to Indy and to serve the many cultures and communities in place. Please join us on the dance floor, keep Indy dancing and sponsor us today!

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