Dancer Enrichment Series

Join us for our ongoing series of workshops and classes designed to address the business of being a dancer.

If you have a topic you’d like covered or want to offer your skills and present a workshop, please reach out!

Past Seminars

Taxes & Finances for Artists

Taught by Becky Pettit (BS Dance Arts Administration, MBA) this seminar will delve into the technical aspects of a career as an artist, covering topics like:

  • Taxes & estimated payments
    • Self-employment
    • 1099 vs W-2
    • W-9 vs W-4
    • Deducting expenses
  • Liability & health insurance
  • Budgeting, emergency funds & savings options
    • Bookkeeping
    • Student/teacher discounts

Landing Your Dream Teaching Job

How to find the right studio and get the gig
Taught by Kerry Kapaku
Stay tuned for details on upcoming workshops, including:

Teachers Workshop: Elevating your teaching practices and ideology

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