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It takes a village to make a village...

Help us to spread the word about dance in Indy!

The Indy Dance Council is a digital platform that promotes and organizes all things happening in the Indy dance scene.

We are here:

  • to increase the visibility of dance in our arts community
  • to give Indy dance information a central place to live
  • to help dancers find essential resources easily
  • to lift up and help grow the dance already present in our city
  • to help intersect dancers of different styles and connect them with new audiences
  • to help new dancers, schools, and performing groups form, break into, and find their way around the local dance scene
  • to make dance education, opportunities, and performances more accessible and available to all dancing people no matter their age, race, gender, economic means, or experience level
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Community Feedback

“I appreciate having a comprehensive resource to help me learn about Indianapolis’ robust dance scene. The Indy Dance Council will help us not only stay connected, but support each other in meaningful ways.”
– Kim Gutfreund, Executive Director, Dance Kaleidoscope
“Indy Dance Council offers Central Indiana dancers what they need: one place to find community and resources selected by dancers with their unique needs in mind.”
– Andre Wilson, PT, MS, OCS, Forte Sports Medicine, and former dancer

“A huge part of continuing to grow as a dancer is connecting with the people around you. IDC is so vital because it houses all dancers and styles that our city has to offer. The level of talent we have in the city of Indianapolis is world class, and now you can find it all at Indy Dance Council!”
– Keegan “Seoul” Loye, Founder, 31SVN Street Dance Academy

“This platform provides an invaluable tool to aid in finding resources for training and opportunities for growth and diversity within the Indianapolis dance/arts community and beyond.”
– Stefanie Tolliver, Dancer Parent

Media Gallery

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“Dance is for everybody. I believe that the dance came from the people and that it should always be delivered back to the people.” ~Alvin Ailey

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