Strong Bodies, Strong Minds, Strong Hearts

Our health is at the core of what we do, both inside and out.

“Dancers are the athletes of God”  ~Albert Einstein

…but what happens if we get injured?

The following is a compilation of professionals who help keep us performing at our peak. This list is for informational purposes and is not a complete directory of qualified providers. Inclusion does not constitute an endorsement or guarantee of services.

Featured Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Board-certified specialty trained physicians in a comprehensive orthopedic and sports medicine practice. Forte has extensive experience in dance medicine and provides medical services for the Indianapolis Ballet and Dance Kaleidoscope, as well as many local dance studios.

Andrea Wilson, PT, MS, OCS
Claire Albert, PT, DPT, ATC
Phone: (317) 817-1200

Physical therapist/athletic trainer for Butler University’s Dance Department and dancers of all styles and ages. She has experience from professional to student, and ballet to breakin’.

Carrie Gaerte
Location: 404 E Washington Street, Suite B, 46204
Phone: (317) 963-2630


Location: 201 S Delaware St. Suite 500
Phone: (317) 415-5795

Location: 201 Pennsylvania Pkwy. Suite 100
Phone: (317) 817-1200

Multiple locations
Phone: (317) 569-2513

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
362 W. 15th St, Suite 3800
Ann Hulme

Physical Therapy

Location: 9135 Harrison Park Ct.
Phone: (734) 771-5226

Location: 1801 N Senate Blvd. Suite 1438
Phone: (317) 962-5554

Location: 1201 W Alto Rd Suite 21, Kokomo, IN 46902
Phone: (765) 398-4030


Location: 6905 E 96th St. Suite 600
Phone: (317) 577-1990

Location: 8770 Guion Rd
Phone: (317) 388-8755

Multiple locations
Phone: (317) 817-1200

Location: 1315 W 86th St.
Phone: (317) 661-3478

Location: 10967 Allisonville Rd. Suite 220
Phone: (317) 842-1188

Mental Health, Sports Psychology

Location: 14455 Clay Terrace Blvd. A&B, Carmel, IN 46032
Phone: (317) 415-5747

Location: 201 Delaware St. Suite 500, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: (317) 415-5747

Pilates (for dancers)

Pilates is a popular system of exercise, used by dancers to improve strength, cross-train and rehab injuries. The following are Pilates instructors intimately familiar with dance and its specific physical demands.

Phone: (317) 946-9897

Instagram: @tod369

Pilates Indy Inc.



Nutrition and Eating Disorders Information

Registered Dietician (RD)

A dietitian is a licensed professional with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the field who can diagnose eating disorders and prescribe diets to manage medical conditions. Dietitians can also provide nutritional counseling to achieve health or weight goals.


A person who provides nutritional advice to accomplish health or weight goals. The title nutritionist does not have the same educational and credentialing requirements as that of a dietitian. A Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) has completed an advanced degree in the field, supervised practice experience, and board certification.

Online Information Resources

IADMS brings together teachers, dancers, researchers, and providers to further dance medicine and wellness. The organization maintains a website with a searchable directory of providers and informational publications for dance medicine providers, teachers and dancers.

Their mission is to see mental health treated with the same seriousness as physical health in dance culture.

Comprehensive list of Mental Health Resources can be found HERE.

Online Provider Networks

The following are collaborative networks of dance medicine specialists with a web and social media presence. They feature an online searchable directory of providers (physicians, physical therapists, podiatrists, chiropractors, yoga and Pilates teachers, pointe shoe fitters) nationwide. Membership for providers is a paid subscription.

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